Research Issues in Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine

It is a pleasure to announce you the publication of the book Research Issues in Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine, published by Franco Franchignoni with the support of the Salvatore Maugeri Foundation. This non-profit project was in fact carried out under the auspices of the following European PRM organizations: the UEMS PRM Section (President Alain Delarque and incoming President Nicolas Christodoulou), the UEMS PRM Board (President Franco Franchignoni and incoming President Jean Michel Viton), the European Society of PRM (President Alessandro Giustini and incoming President Xanthi Michail), and European Academy of Rehabilitation Medicine (President Gustaaf Lankhorst and incoming President Guy Vanderstraeten. 

Following topics are included  

Introduction   F. Franchignoni – Medical ethics and experimentation in Rehabilitation Medicine R. Rubens, G.G. Vanderstraeten – Publishing scientific papers in Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine G. Grimby – The peer review process F. Franchignoni, S. Negrini – Towards an epidemiology of functioning B. Fellinghauer, J. Reinhardt, G. Stucki – Functional assessment and outcome measurement: models and perspectives across the rehabilitation continuumC.V. Granger, M. Carlin, H. Feliciano, S. Markello, L. Tesio – The Rasch measurement model A.H. Elhan, A.A. Kucukdeveci, A. Tennant – Experimental design in Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine M. Zampolini, P. Sale, A. Giustini, M. Franceschini  – Non-pharmacological placebo controlled randomized trials and the role of pragmatic trials in PRM S.J. Han, M. Imamura, F. Fregni – How to do and report systematic reviews and meta-analyses A. Liberati, M. Taricco – Qualitative research  T. Meyer, M. Schwarze, K. Bieleit, C. Gutenbrunner – Internet resources for Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine:databases, search engines, websites, e-books, imagesand the tools to organize them E. Giglia, N. Barotsis, X. Michail – Clinical case reports in Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine  H. Collado, L. Bensoussan, G. Lotito, J.M. Viton, A. Delarque – How to prepare and present a lecture  N. Christodoulou, R. Frischknecht, K. Christodoulou – How to prepare a scientific presentation as a poster A. Giordano, G. Ferriero, A. Nardone  

This book is that this e-book will be read all over the world, not only by specialists but also by trainees who will find a lot of interesting tools in setting up research, preparing and presenting a lecture and preparing and publishing an international peer reviewed paper.We advise especially the PRM specialists to read the introduction of new techniques in finding new information and data in the field of PRM on the electronic highway of the world. 

I would like to congratulate Prof Franco Franchignoni for this important contribution by publishing this e-book.  


Click here to download the Book (13Mb)