Prize Winners 1984 – 2020

November 1984 Creation of the Prize (Dr G. Zäch)

YearPrize Winner
1985Drs Pierre Benezet et Sambuc, France 
1986Prof. André Grossiord, France (A titre personnel)
1987 Dr Pierre Minaire, France
1988Drs J.M.L. Geddes, M.A. Chamberlain, United Kingdom
1989 Drs J.-F. Ravaux, France et R.C. Lachal, Italy 
1992Dr Paul Dollfuss (A titre personnel)
1994Dr Annamaria Carta, Italie (Prix d’encouragement)
1995Dr Bipin Bhakta, United Kingdom, Dr Daniel Uebelhart, Switzerland
1996Dr Marc Dauty, France
1997Dr Hubert Vuagnat, Switzerland, Dr Stephen Kirker, United Kingdom
1998Dr Marianne de Sèze, France, Dr Dominique Pérennou, France
1999Dr Mikko Kannisto, Finland
2000Dr Pascal Giraux, France, M. Hans Bussmann, The Netherlands
2001Dr Bodil J. Landstad, Sweden, Dr Lieven Danneels, Belgium
2002Prof. Jean-Louis Croisier, Belgium, Dr Sylvie Ragot, France
2003Dr Kaija Karjalainen, Finland
2004Dr Andrea Gaggioli, Italy
2006Dr Rory O’ Connor, United Kingdom: Measuring the effectiveness of rehabilitation
2010Dr. Gaeten Stoquart, Belgium: The energy consumption of walking in hemiplegic stroke patients.
2011Dr. Joost van Middendorp, The Netherlands: On the Injuries of the Vertebrae and Spinal Marrow: prognostic factors and classification
2012Dr. Gunilla Ostlund, Sweden: Aspects of Fatigue in Post-polio
2013Eric Boldingh: Pain and Disabilities related to hip disorders in adults with severe Cerebral Palsy 
2014Dr. Manoj Sivan, United Kingdom: Development and testing of a home-based Computer Assisted Arm Rehabilitation (hCAAR) device for upper limb exercises in stroke patients 
2015Dr. Jorek Nonnekes, The Netherlands : Balance and Gait in Neurodegenerative Diseases 
2016Dr. Oostra Kristine, Belgium: Mental practice in gait rehabilitation after acquired brain injury.
2017Dr. Katja Groleger Srsen, Slovenia: Evaluation of processes of care in a rehabilitation program for children with disability and evaluation of some impact factors
2018Annouk Louwers: “Effective use of the assisting hand in adolescents with cerebral palsy”
2019Catharine Vander Linden: “Plasticity of Executive functions after Traumatic Brain Injury in adolescent”
2020João Paulo Branco – “Upper limb functional outcome after stroke: contribution to the development of a predictive model for the functional prognosis of hemiplegic patients”
2020Stijn De Baets – “Participation in people with the Ehlers-Danlos syndromes and hypermobility spectrum disorders”